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Monthly Picks - October

A treat for every day of the week in October

Make your Monday morning with Garcon's new breakfast potato gratin.

For family time finer than capellini pasta, just head to Flour Eggs Water.

Help yourself to a midweek treat with the Hibiscus Margarita from Safar Middle Eastern for only $15.  Book online here or call 02 9188 7437.

Test your mates over questions & brews at Redline's new Trivia Night every week with Troy the Trivia Guy. 
Put your thinking caps on & settle in for a night of brain stimulation & cheeky competition while ordering Southern bites from the bar.
From 7.30pm every Thursday, bookings are essential. Ring 02 9188 3688 to secure your spot.

Polish off the Miso Ramen from Osaka Trading Co, served with Chasu Braised Pork Belly and Black Garlic Oil for only $18.

Celebrate the warm Spring weather with a Strawberries and Cream Gelato from Messina.

Pick up fresh seasonal produce and mouth-watering local finds at the Sunday Growers Market, 8am - 2pm.