Bodega Wine Store - Continental Cocktails Are Now Available to Takeaway

Continental Deli Tinned Cocktails Have Arrived!


Usually, you'd be sipping a Mar-tinny. Now, you'll be knocking back a Quarant-tinny and you can do so while sitting on your couch. We describe it as  "like a normal martini, but you drink it alone in your house". 


You can now order it do be delivered to your door or you can head to Bodega1904 Tramsheds and pick it up yourself to take home.


Bodega1904 Kitchen is currently open for takeaway from Friday through to Sunday so you can always grab and go your favourite dish and enjoy it at home alongside with your Quarant-tinny.


Continental Cocktails on offer:

  • Quarantinny - Like a normal martini but you drink it alone in your house'
  • Ameri'can'o - It is a perfect drink for warm autumn days with Campari, Vermouth, Beer
  • Cosmopoli'tin -  It's a Saturday night fever with Vodka, Cranberry Sherry, Orange Liqueur, Water
  • Negroni - Can you handle it? Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth