Fours, Tg8, 3rds

In an effort to bring art & culture back to the forefront of Tramsheds’ identity, Tramsheds has been partnering with ‘old friends’ inviting them to revisit their past and once again showcase their artistic talents throughout the space, some utilising more unusual canvases than others!



Roachi ( is now a well-known graffiti artist and has works displayed all over Australia. His piece is located on the Level 2 escalators towards Maxwell Street. His piece includes iconic graffiti styles (ie throw ups and characters) in collage format to pay homage to Tramsheds' art and graffiti history.



Roachi writes:


“Having my works displayed at The Sheds has got me thinking of the old days where me and my friends would need to scale in down from the roof, where others had created a way to get in (access was always the fun part). When we became more comfortable with painting there we just walked through the front door. My friends and I would walk straight to the gates of the shed where a loosely chained lock was all there was to prevent entry, I would need to squeeze in my stomach to slide through being the biggest in the group. 


My escalator artwork is a singular zion like experience made from clips of visuals from my graffiti, illustrations and photographs. It is for the most part aesthetic and doesn't require translation as my work is aesthetic not conceptual. 

I live in New York and am very interested to see what The Sheds have become next time I come home.”


Please come and see Roachi’s artwork and experience The Sheds of yesterday through Roachi’s eyes.  His artwork will be on display for a limited time only and is a must see for anyone interested in the history of The Sheds or those of you who like looking at different styles of art.