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Redline Kitchen & Taphouse

$15 Pizzas every Monday night and $4 Tacos every Tuesday night!


Enjoy $15 Pizzas every Monday night and $4 Tacos every Tuesday night at Redline Kitchen & Taphouse!

On a Monday night, the special pizza is a New York style pizza with the choice of three toppings - pepperoni, mushrooms, capsicum, onions, zucchini, olives, ham, bacon, pork sausage, eggplant, fresh tomato and extra cheese.

On Tuesday nights there are three delicious tacos to choose from including:

Achiote Pulled Pork Taco: soft corn tortilla with pork braised with achiote chilli, tomatillo salsa, onion, coriander (gf)

Cauliflower Chickpea Taco: soft corn tortilla, croquette of chickpea and cauliflower, black beans + chimichurri (gf)(v)

Braised Beef Taco: soft corn tortilla, beef braised with tomatillos + chipotle chillis, tomatillo salsa, onion, coriander (gf)

Chipotle Chicken Taco: soft corn tortilla, pulled chicken in a chipotle salsa, tomatillo salsa, onion, coriander (gf)


You can view the full food menu here