Mediterranean Cheese Making Class

Date and Time
Sat, 22 September 2018, 11:00 AM - Sat, 17 November 2018, 2:00 PM
$89 Per Person
Learn how to make feta, Halloumi and chèvre in our Mediterranean Cheese Making Class!

We’re excited to be hosting a series of cheese making classes in partnership with Omnom Cheese! Classes will be taking place from July to November and you can choose from either Mediterranean Cheese Making (think Feta, Halloumi and Chèvre), or learn to make Burrata and Bocconcini from scratch while sipping on Bubbles or Brew!

Mediterranean Cheese Making Class

Learn how to make feta, Halloumi and chèvre - quickly and easily in our Mediterranean Cheese Making Class! The class is perfect for beginners.
This is a cheese making demonstration where you will learn about milk selection for home cheese making, inoculating and renneting the milk, and finally how to turn the curd into the final cheeses.

While this is more of a cheese making demonstration, everyone will have the opportunity to get hands-on, and up-close at every stage of the cheese making process. The demonstration aspect allows you to take notes and really take in the information, whilst the hands-on opportunities will have you feeling confident in your own ability, to make these delicious cheeses at home.

Class includes:
Learn to make feta, halloumi and chèvre. 
Recipe Cards.
A light lunch showcasing the cheeses created.
Wine with lunch.

Class will run for approximately 180 minutes.

Time: 11am - 2pm
Dates: 22 September, 20 October & 17 November
Cost: $89


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